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    Cube Mix Plus: This Cheap Windows 10 Tablet Runs GTA V, Skyrim and More

    The Cube Mix Plus is a Windows 10 tablet that also transforms into a Notebook. With an Intel Kaby Lake Core M3-7Y30 Dual Core 1.61GHz processor, this tablet stands out for having a 4GB of RAM and the ability to run some interesting games in a portable way. Among them games like GTA V, Resident Evil 4 HD, Skyrim and many others, check it out.

    The Cube Mix Plus Br channel posted several test videos of the tablet on Youtube. See some.

    Cube Mix Plus running GTA 5:

    Cube Mix running Skyrim:

    Modern Combat Versus with the graphics maxed out:

    Undoubtedly, Cube Mix Plus is an option for those who want to play games and do not want to use up their cell phone battery. Furthermore. The tablet is perfectly compatible with Bluetooth controls.

    The price of Cube Mix Plus is around US$ 400 to 300 dollars (around R$ 1300 to 990 reais). It is worth remembering that when you buy, you only receive the tablet, keyboard, controller or stylus pen are sold separately.

    For sure it would enter our top of “best Chinese tablets to buy in 2017“. Its great differential is the Core M3 processor and its Intel HD Graphice 615 GPU, which is capable of a lot.

    Interested? The Cube Mix Plus is on sale at stores like GearBest (COUPON: CUBE11 ) and Banggood.

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    Link to Buy Banggood

    It's worth remembering that it's not just the Cube Mix Plus that has the ability to run GTA V. Other tablets like the Cube i7 and other powerful ones can also run Rockstar's game. The point is that the Cube Mix Plus is one of the few with such processing power, and it costs in the range of one thousand reais.

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