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    Crystal of Atlan is Genshin Impact's newest competitor! Meet the game!

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    Crystal of Atlantis is a Action RPG by the Chinese producer VI-GAMES with versions for Android e iOS. By remembering enough Genshin impact, the new game will bring a rich open world to explore and focus on single player gameplay.

    See the electrifying trailer for the game, which was released this weekend.


    As stated in the trailer, Crystal of Atlan is still in development and the images may not match the final product. However, what has been shown so far is very interesting and beautiful.

    There's no way to hide the similarities with Genshin Impact. But the inspiration is valid, as Crystal of Atlan doesn't seem like it doesn't want to be a "cheap copy". The game brings new elements and expands the possibilities that Genshin left behind, especially in combat.

    Crystal of Atlan has characters with more varied fighting styles. There are characters with small, medium and large firearms. They carry pistols, rifles and even bazookas.

    In the game's story, fantasy and science mix. Humanity has benefited greatly from mixing magic with machines and has advanced thanks to the energy of mysterious crystals. But the crystals started to disappear and that could lead to a war.

    Crystal of Atlan promises an open world full of possibilities and with many cities to visit. (Photo: Reproduction)

    Players will play as adventurers who will explore ancient ruins and investigate the destruction of an ancient civilization, all while trying to solve the mystery of the crystals' disappearance.

    Crystal of Atlan looks very well produced, but its success will depend on the fine balance between singleplayer and gacha elements. Something that miHoYo knew how to do very well.


    If you are reading the news through our app. Visit the full site to view high resolution images.

    Crystal of Atlan does not yet have a release date and there is no information about a global release yet. For more news, follow our website or enter the game's Tap Tap page.

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