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    Crossy Road arrives on Google Play with achievements and leaderboards

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    Crossy Road, addictive free game for android, just arrived at Play Store. Previously, the game was only available for Android on the Amazon App Store. The novelty of the Google Play version is due to the support for Google Play Games, with achievements and leaderboards where you can see your friends' scores.

    In Crossy Road, your mission is to make the characters cross the streets facing various dangers such as speeding cars, rivers and other things. You have to be fast, because if you take too long, a water passes and takes your character away.

    The highlight of the game is the Minecraft look, combined with simple and addictive gameplay. Another curiosity is that the game changes the look when you choose some characters such as vampires and ghosts. This also changes the gameplay, as in some cases the view of game elements changes.

    It's the kind of addictive game that captures that simple competition, Who gets the furthest? The fun in the Amazon version was capped by the lack of a scoreboard that registers your points and those of your friends online. In the Google Play version, this flaw is remedied with a great scoreboard that shows, right away, who's playing the game and who's ahead.

    Crossy Road still has an achievement system, but it's very modest with only six achievements. As it is a free game, the game still has purchase options that are limited to characters, but they all have almost the same performance, but I have the slight impression that some are faster to respond to commands than others.

    Link to download the game for Android from Google Play

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