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    CrossFire: The Final 12 Hours is Tencent's New Game for Android and iOS

    2019 is off to a great start. Tencent Games is preparing yet another exciting online game for mobile phones, CrossFire: The Final 12 Hours. After PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Legends of War (coming soon), the publisher revealed that it is working on yet another survival shooter.

    [UPDATE] After the release of CrossFire: The Final 12 Hours or The Last 12 Hours, a new mode of Crossfire: Legends has actually been revealed.

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    For now, very little information about CrossFire: The Final 12 Hours. According to the Gameworld website, the game will be a multiplayer game where 60 players will face each other. The plot tells of an island that is "self-destructing" and will completely collapse in 12 hours.

    In addition to having to compete for resources like weapons, armor and essentials, which are limited on the island, players will also have to survive monsters that are loose on the island.

    The closer to the time the island is destroyed, there will be a puzzle plan that will release 4 capsules for protection. In these capsules, the survivors will have to find the exact position to escape and survive.

    We can say that it is almost certainly a Battle Royale, but it is not. It's an Escape From Tarkvov-style game, where players keep the loot they've collected for their next match and need to find the exit from each scenario.

    Fonte: GameWorld

    [originally published January 2, 2019]

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