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    CrossFire Mobile – See how to download the game for Android and iOS mobile

    CrossFire Mobile was released in the east a few weeks ago, but we hadn't posted a gameplay due to lack of time. Well, due to the end of the year rush, his video will take a while, but not to let you down, we bring you the excellent gameplay of the Adeh Games channel (take the opportunity to subscribe there).

    UPDATE: GAME ALREADY RELEASED in Spain! (Android and iOS)

    The video shows the introduction of the game and one of the things I admire most about CrossFire, the PVE missions, that is, events against giant enemies that require multiple players to face the challenge.

    CrossFire Mobile has several sensational modes taken directly from the PC version (zombie modes, gun game and many others). It is worth remembering that this is not a xingling game, it is the official version created by Tecent, the producer of CrossFire in South Korea.

    There is no forecast date for the launch of CrossFire in the west, but to play, just download the game directly from the official website. The link is down there.

    Link to download CrossFire Mobile No. Android. To download on iOS, you need to create an account on the App Store in South Korea and then access the official website.

    Obviously, the game is all in Korean, but it's no hassle to play. The menus are simple and the initial tutorial teaches you how to start the games and the various game modes.

    Link to the official CrossFire Mobile site.

    [originally published December 9, 2015]

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