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    CrisisX: New Open World Survival Game for Android Is Awesome

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    CrisisX is a new game for android authored by fledgling developer HunterGame. mixing simulation, survival e open world, this mobile game seeks to be a more realistic view of what “top down” games like Last Day on Earth tend to be.

    Forget the games with figures and miniature characters. CrisisX stunning graphics and a massive open world.

    For now, the game is only available in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. The game is in English and has already been listed on Google Play, which may indicate that its release may be global.

    The beta version is currently available in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Other regions will be operational soon.

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    How is the CrisisX game

    CrisisX – Last Survival brings players to the beautiful seaside city of Oakport, but now it is infected with an extremely dangerous disease, people die en masse and are outrageous zombies, the place that was once occupied with laughter, has become a miserable place and loaded with zombies running everywhere, trying to find and chase the last remaining humans.

    Now in this cruel apocalypse you are alone! Finding a chance to live is the only thing that matters right now. Participants will have to interpret the designs, use their skills to survive, deal with lurking dangers and complete the game's missions.


    Attractive survival action game

    Similar to other online survival games, CrisisX – Final Survival also develops a quest system so that players can fully develop their survival skills in this messy and dangerous landscape. You must figure out how to survive by finding food, drinking water and collecting the necessary items. In addition, you should also know other life skills like fishing, exploring and searching to create an opportunity for survival.

    The specific central point of this gameplay would be that the player has to face directly with the aggressive undead numerous varieties and types of attacks in relation to the game's mutating routes. Therefore, observe and use the wisest technique to destroy and drive them away.

    Video with gameplay:

    The beautiful coastal city of Oakport was awakened by the unexpected presidential alert triggered across the country. The deadly outbreak of mysterious spore contamination has already exhausted most of the population within days, and the unknown infection continues to spread. People have fled in chaos to the streets, soon they realize that their home is turning into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, mutants and toxic zombies are roaming the city, infrastructure is demolished, society and the world have been completely razed to the ground. You and your family were segregated by fleeing into the wild.
    At this point in this destructive apocalypse you are registered as your own! DOING THROUGH is the only thing that things! How much longer is it possible to do this out there?!

    Start your unknown adventure by creating your realistic self-avatar and explore every inch of a unique open world with one of the most meaningful open maps ever developed. Freely invade cities, bunkers and other locations filled with terrifying pointless hikes or seek out an abnormally cold forest in the highlands. Automatic game mechanics restore realistic geographic and weather conditions in America, allowing you to experience different environments, landscapes, weather and time zones. Face a multitude of unexpected serious tasks in a life after the end of the world and build your last shield on this fallen continent!

    Survival of the fittest! Test your survival skills, find water and accumulate essential but exceptional materials left over from the civilized world, and gather resources by cutting forests, mining, hunting, gathering and fishing to gain enough leverage to survive the last days and perhaps rule your territory as the most powerful previous of us. Mainly because only the most effective will survive the light of day!

    Exterminate mobs of mutated zombies and take down scary monsters of all kinds. Each attacker has a different appearance and attack style depending on their mutate routes. As the last survivor, watch and use wise techniques to kill and release the state of decay!
    Also, your deadliest enemies are left to outlive human players! Never walk crippled on the dead, but hold tight to your weapon, be cautious and keep your eyes peeled for other survivors completing, whether in 1vs1 battle or alliance battle. Involving a loyal good friend and the finesse of a thief is usually just a good series.

    Gain a base first by becoming a shield and exploring resources by taming mounts, building, planting and crafting. Ally with other survivors, rebuild a community and expand in this zombie apocalypse. Fight side by side with your survivors to resist enemy attacks. Only together can we survive the last days on earth!

    In this action-packed survival journey, you will face different tasks, puzzles and riddles. Solve them to expose the truth of the shattered world and save the light of dying civilization. Perhaps the destruction of fallen humanity was no accident at all! A person can also find more clues to track their family's whereabouts!


    The game's APK is very easy to find on the APK Pure website. However, even using VPN, it is not possible to play the game.



    Developer: HunterGame
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: English | Size: 6 GB

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