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    Creatures fetch water in the bizarre Flewn (iOS)

    The App Store is fertile ground for indie games with a slightly more spiritual edge. And that's the idea of ​​Flewn, a very conceptual game that looks more like one of those Canadian animation festival shorts. The “game” is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and costs $3,99.

    We mention game in quotes, as Flewn looks more like an interactive book. Phrases pass across the screen and the player must switch between portrait and landscape format to continue the story. The narrative is a tale of animals in search of an ocean that has dried up. The events unite a camel, a frog and a whale. Everything looks like a Salvador Dali painting.

    Flewn is quite short, but if you are crazy about weird animations, transcendental music and themes that seem to have come out of a dream, Flewn will be a very curious interactive app for you.

    Game link on the App Store. Android version should arrive soon.

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