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    Counter Strike 1.6 has been ported completely to Android! See how to play!

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    Counter Strike 1.6 was turned into a game for Android by developer Alibek Omarov, that is, it is not a similar or clone game, as even the servers of the Android version are the same as those of Steam. To download and run the game on your cell phone or tablet, you must have the PC version, as some proprietary files will have to be copied.

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    The trick is as follows, the user downloads an APK and copies the “cstrike” and “valve” folders from a valid installation of the game and installs it in the “xash” directory on the memory card (you must have the game purchased on the PC, the APK does not own the game). The APK will work as a Counter Strike client and will provide the interface, both with buttons and between Android and the game. The port is so raw that it is possible to plug in a mouse and keyboard via OTG or Bluetooth, and play as if you were on PC.

    Success even today, Counter Strike was a phenomenon in lanhouses around the world. The recipe for success is online multiplayer focused gameplay. The amount of buttons the app adds on the screen can be a little confusing at first, but the interface is very adaptable.

    It's not the first time a first-person shooter for PC has been ported by users. Games like Doom and Quake also have unofficial versions with available clients (only the client is free, not the full game).

    Link to download the APK

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