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    Control on Android: How to configure and map buttons (works in any game)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    See how to map buttons and make any game compatible with controls on Android. Be it Ipega, GameSir or Wamo, With this simple tip, you can make any game compatible with bluetooth controls on Android. There are two methods, one using a paid app and the other free, but both require root.

    Notice: The root is necessary because in the method without root, it becomes very common for the control not to be recognized completely. That's why we recommend rooting to be able to enjoy the full power of your Android smartphone or tablet.

    – GameKeyboard + (Paid method)

    We chose the app GameKeyboard + (Download here) for easy setup and compatibility with Androids from 2.3 to 6.0. The operation of the application is very simple, see.

    Step 1. With the bluetooth/USB controller already paired and connected to your cell phone/tablet, open the GameKeyboard + app

    Step 2. Tap “Settings”, access the first option “Quick Setup”.

    Step 3. Tap “BT Controller -> Touchscreen”.

    Step 4. Back in the “Settings” menu, scroll down until you find “Touchscreen Mode”, “Joystick Mode” and “Use Advanced Input”, check these options, leave the others as is.

    Step 5. Go back to the Keyboard Gamepad+ home menu and tap “Start”.

    Step 6. Now open the game you want to configure. In the middle of the game, press the volume button on your controller (Ipega for example). Several buttons will appear on the screen.

    Step 7. Drag the buttons and analog sticks to the desired positions.

    Step 8. Save the configuration by going back to Keyboard Gamepad+, go to “Settings” and “Save Profile”. Save a profile for each game.

    Step 9. To not have to configure everything again, just open GameKeyboard +, and load a profile. You can create as many as you like.

    Notes: If your controller is not Ipega or does not have a volume button, configure the “Hot Key” in the “Settings” of GameKeyboard +. This option serves to show the virtual buttons that will correspond to the buttons on the control. In ipega, Wamo and GameSir controllers, it is already set to the volume button on the controller.

    – Tincore Keymapper (Free Method)

    It is also possible to configure on-screen buttons with a free app Tincore Keymapper (Download here). It is a little more complex and with a very polluted interface (with ads). In addition, it often bugs with popular controls like Ipega, for example.

    See a video from Boleiro JV channel showing how to configure Tincore Keymapper

    Any questions, leave a comment.

    [originally published January 30, 2017]

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