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    Contra Return will be released in English on Android

    Contra Return, a game that combines the classic gameplay of the Contra series, with elements of online games, will get an English version. The title, previously only available in China, will arrive in other countries in Asia and will be translated by Garena (yes, the same as Free Fire).

    Contra Return will arrive in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. It's too early to say, but there is a chance that the game will reach Google Play in Spain. Just like with Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, which became Final Fantasy Awakening and even got a Spanish version.

    Didn't know the game? Contra Return was developed by Tencent Games in partnership with Konami. The game appeared in our first top of apk games. At that time, the game was only available in China, and now it will arrive on Google Play in the Asian countries mentioned above.

    In Contra Return, the player experiences the same classic gameplay. Walk and shoot and blast enemies in 3D levels created from the 8-bit Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintendo versions.

    But this new version isn't just about nostalgia. There are new characters to unlock, weapons to collect and of course, like every good online game, a 1v1 or 3v3 PvP mode. The positive point of the versus mode is the “Smash bros” style grip.

    Now we hope that Garena or any other company will soon bring this super game to Spain.

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    Source: Official website and pre-registration

    [originally published September 4, 2018]

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