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    Combat Squad: an FPS from the creators of Counter Strike

    Combat Squad is a multiplayer FPS game developed by former developers of Counter Strike. created in U, Combat Squad surprises by not requiring powerful hardware, and delivering a gameplay that looks like a mix of Crossfire com Counter Strike GO.

    In Combat Squad, the player has up to 6 character builds to customize. In theory they are different characters, but in practice, they work more like different presets to facilitate the configuration of weapons and equipment during a match.

    The game is currently in soft launch (testing) in Singapore only. It is not available on Google Play and the Spanish App Store, but you can download the APK on Android and play without any problems. However, as the servers are only available in Singapore, ping will be a big problem.

    – Frantic gameplay

    The shooting in Combat Squad is very similar to games like CrossFire and Point Blank. With simple maps and without much strategy, players can face each other in quick and casual matches. There are even “Double Kills”, in the same style as CrossFire.

    Tactics and strategic combat go to modes like team battle and bomb defusing. What draws attention in Combat Squad is how much some modes resemble Counter Strike. It even has a “Defuse”-style mode. The movement of the characters when using knives is also very reminiscent of Counter Strike GO. There are 7 modes in total, including zombie mode.

    But unfortunately, Combat Squad is not as refined as the PC classic. Anyone who expected a game to rival the Steam game will have to wait a little longer.

    The game's commands are simple and easy to digest. There's an automatic shot (it's become fashionable), but you can easily disable it. Everything responds very well and the shooting is intense in the best CrossFire style. Weapons have a good amount of damage. It only takes a few shots to kill an enemy (unlike Modern Combat Versus and other shooting games today).

    – Combat Squad brings an innovative 1v1 mode

    Perhaps the biggest differentiator of Combat Squad in relation to other FPS games is the 1 vs 1 mode. It's not just your puppet vs the opponent's. In this mode, your squad will face off against the enemy squad in a 5v5 battle.

    The players (which are just two) can take command of each character whenever they want. These characters will be available and will follow the leader. They have enough artificial intelligence to support, face opponent characters that appear along the way.

    The idea works really well and is by far the most different thing I've seen this year in terms of shooters. By putting only two players to face each other, the game even allows you to devise strategies such as sending a part of the squad to one side of the scenario and following with the rest of the team to the other side.

    - Graphics

    Combat Squad has a look that is a mix of “beautiful and ugly” at the same time. While some models of the puppets draw attention to the details, the requirement to run at 60FPS can cut out a lot of the details of the scenarios.

    So the result is a game without much polish (so far). While this issue of lack of polish displeases those who have a top of the line Android, it is attractive for those who have an intermediate or basic cell phone. All you need is a device with 2GB of RAM to run the game. Even cell phones from 4 years ago run Combat Squad with ease. On the iPhone 6S and 7, the game displays a very beautiful look.

    – Still in testing

    Combat Squad looks ready, but not quite. The game still has some completely amateur flaws such as bad animations, exaggeratedly high audio and lack of music in the menus. But as the game is in soft launch, everything can change until the final release.

    To test the game on Android, just download the APK link below, download and play. Pay attention to the ping, as the game has not yet been released in Spain, there may be lag during matches.

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    Link to Download the APK

    Link to Download on Android (Google Play)

    Developer: A 33 Studio
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0
    Language: English| Size: 70 MB (+360 MB additional)

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