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    Combat Master “Online” disappears from Google Play

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    Combat Master “Online” has been removed from Google Play. According to a company insider via Discord, the game was deleted from the Android app store due to copyright issues.

    Despite the “online” in the subtitle, at its release, Combat Master was an offline game.

    Touted on YouTube as the “Call of Duty Warzone Mobile”, Combat Master quickly gained popularity due to its fast and accessible gameplay. The game competently simulated the movement of Activision's hit.

    It is not possible to say whether the copyright issue was due to some direct action by Activision. But from the splash screen to the gameplay, a lot of the game felt like Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot (consoles and PC, 2019). The game's Google Play page basically lied about Combat Master being online, as it was completely offline. Also, some weapons and character assets are very similar to games.

    On Discord, the development team explained the game's disappearance from Google Play.

    They have not given up! They have submitted the appeal letter and my fingers are crossed that it will make a comeback🤞

    — Combat Master News and Leaks (@combatmastrnews) November 2, 2021

    Free translation of the Discord print:

    “Hello, Yes, we got a suspension from the Play Store due to a copyright complaint and we are finalizing an appeal letter right now. This is good, we are now in contact with the parties, so we hope to resolve any disputes soon.”

    Alpha Team.

    Despite the tone of “Everything is fine”, the situation has become very complicated for the game, as if they insist, Alfa Team can have the account removed from the app store, which means that their other games will also be removed.



    Combat Master: From Success to Suspension

    Combat Master “Online” appeared on Google Play on October 21st and became an instant fever among shooter players, thirsty for news. The game started with an offline title and the developers would start testing online when the game was removed from Google Play. Combat Master is still available on the App Store for iOS users and on APK sites like Tap Tap and APKPure.


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