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    Colorful names for Stumble Guys, learn how to put them

    When someone comes along colorful name No. StumbleGuys, during a game, many players are amazed to know how to do this. Find out if you can still color your name in Stumble Guys.

    Red stumble guys name to copy?

    Prior to version 0.33, it was possible to use commands to change the font color of names in Stumble Guys.

    For example, whoever wanted to change the name and make it red, just use the command " name” and the color of the name turned red. 

    Well, that was before the April Stumble Guys update. Since then, it is no longer possible to put colored names or symbols. The company that created the game put a shield against these codes.

    with this code " Name" , it is still possible to put the red name inside the name edit window. However, when clicking "free" to change the name, the game informs that it is not possible to use "long names or with symbols".

    How to make the name colorful in Stumble Guys? Find out how to do

    As of April 2022, to have the red name on Stumble Guys, you must be a content creator licensed by the game's producer, Kitka Games.

    Likewise, to have the yellow name in Stumble Guys, you must be an official moderator of the game's Discord server.

    In both cases, only by contacting Kitka Games via Discord is it possible to change the color of the name in Stumble Guys.

    So recapping. To have the name colored currently in Stumble Guys, there are only two options:

    • Streamer /influencer = red name.
    • Official Discord Moderator = yellow name.

    It is worth remembering that making modifications to textures and other mods in the game must be done at your own risk, because when playing with a modified version, you can be banned from the game.

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