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    Code Survive: NetEase's New Open-World Survival Game

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    Code: Survive (Code: survive) is the new survival game that will leave any mobile game fan open-mouthed.

    When one wants to see (really) novelty in gameplay and visual suits, the right place to look is China. NetEase games, responsible for Crusaders of light (Android e iOS), prepares another major launch for cell phones, Code: Survive (Code: survive).

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    The game, for now confirmed only for Chinese territory, is an action game and open world with a third-person view. The visuals, as always, are impressive, and the gameplay promises to be action-focused. Something that is common there, here, other producers always try to push some kind of strategy mechanics with letters.

    According to the official website, Code: Survive is in the process of optimization and will have open pre-registration and testing on the iOS platform, starting on August 24th. Android fans will need to wait a little longer to test the game. The game's beta will be released for Android by the end of 2017.

    This indicates that the release of Code: Survive will only be next year (2018). As it is an independent production by NetEase Games, it may be that the game will be released in the west, as happened with the great Crusaders of light. See screenshots from the game:

    Images from Code: Survive

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