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    COD WARZONE Mobile: alleged gameplay video leaks on the internet

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    Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 for Android e iOS. Supposedly in development by Digital Legends and Solid State Studios, the new Battle Royale had its first gameplay, possibly, leaked.

    A Twitter profile on posted what could be the first COD Warzone gameplay on mobile. But the tweet received a penalty for copyright infringement, and was quickly removed. This could be the indication that the video is real.

    Unfortunately the video is in low resolution. You can check it out below:


    The video shows the player running and looting on what appears to be the Verdansk map. Next, the player kills another player, is then killed, and goes to the Gulag.

    The gameplay video also shows that there are at least 151 players in the match and that it will be possible to enter buildings.


    See more gameplay videos:




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    It really is very impressive that Digital Legends has managed to bring gameplay so close to COD Warzone on PC and consoles. This just shows the power and revolution of smartphones, which by the way is not something that will happen… It has already happened.

    For now, there is no official confirmation that it is the gameplay of the long-awaited Battle Royale, which has already been confirmed by Activision. But the fact that the first account that leaked the video, had the tweet deleted for copyright infringement, is a strong indication that it is true.

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    [originally published June 5, 2022]

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