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    COD Mobile is the biggest launch in the history of mobile games

    With 100 million downloads in less than 7 days, Call of Duty Mobile is the biggest launch in the history of mobile games, beating games like Fortnite, PUBG and another recent mega success, Mario Kar Tour (which closed the first week with 90 million downloads).

    There is an aggravating factor, Call of Duty Mobile has not yet been released in China. Despite the game's producer being Chinese, the game has not yet adapted to the country's laws.

    The information comes from the Sensor Tower review site. The majority of Call of Duty Mobile downloads happened on iOS, with 56,9 million downloads, or 55,7% of the total.

    Android users accounted for 45,3 million installs, or 44,3%. Activision's shooter was most popular in the United States, where it was downloaded nearly 17,3 million times, or 16,9% of the total count.

    India followed with 13,7 million downloads, or 13,4%. O Spain ranked third with 7,1 million downloads, or 7%.

    "This is by far the biggest mobile game launch in history in terms of player base built in the first week," Sensor Tower analyst Randy Nelson told Reuters.

    – Good launch and billing

    During its first week, Call of Duty Mobile earned $17,7 million from player purchases.

    Again, the App Store was the majority with US$ 9,1 million dollars (R$ 37,7 million reais) in revenue, or 53%.

    Google Play spent US$ 8,3 million (R$ 34 million reais), or 47%. The US was by far the biggest revenue generator, with players in the country spending $7,6 million, or 43,1% of their gross total.

    Japan was the second highest grossing country with $2,4 million, or 13,7%, while Japan Spain ranked third, with US$ 848 thousand dollars (R$ 3,4 million reais), or 4,8%.

    The site took into account the two releases of COD Mobile, the global one made by Activision and the one in Southeast Asia, made by Garena.

    Call of Duty Mobile also outperformed rivals Fortnite and PUBG Mobile for first week gross. During the launch of Fortnite on iOS, $2,3 million was spent on the App Store. PUBG Mobile didn't start monetizing until two months after launch, when it generated just under $600 in its first week.

    What games will Call of Duty Mobile bury? Place your bets in the comments!

    Fonte: Sensor Tower e Reuters

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