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    COD Mobile: Battle Royale Mode has zombies, revive allies and more

    Battle Royale mode was released in the beta test of Call of Duty Mobile. With a map similar to the PC and console versions (but a little smaller), the mode brings an experience very close to that of COD Black Ops 4. However, with an unusual option.

    BR mode has zombies, monsters and it is possible to resurrect allies, even after they have been finished, something very similar to what is offered in Apex Legends.

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    How to Download the APK and Play

    – How is the Battle Royale Mode of Call of Duty Mobile

    The mode comes with two viewing options: First Person or Third Person.

    Much like Black Ops 4's BR mode, the mobile version features 100-player matches in the classic sub-modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad.

    Player characters are allocated in small aircraft and must jump out of Wingsuits.

    The mechanics of this outfit are the same as the "bigger" version, with the player being able to jump from high places and glide.

    As in Black Ops 4, there are several vehicles to use, cars, quads and even helicopters.

    - How is the shooting

    The bullet “eats” in COD Mobile just as it does on PC and consoles. With a vest, the characters have “a lot of life” and it takes a while to take down enemies.

    For those who haven't played Black Ops 4 on PC and consoles it will be strange, but after a few minutes you get used to it quickly.

    During the beta I noticed that the controls were a bit strangely responsive, but this could be due to server lag.

    – Similarities with Apex Legends

    Activision and Tencent gave an “Apexada” in Call of Duty Mobile. Agents gained special abilities and even the ability to come back to life, even if they were completely wiped out (not just knocked down).

    To resurrect an ally, the player needs to get to their ally's loot and wait for the process to revive their friend.

    To revive your friend it is necessary that he has not been looted and his "dogtag".

    Once the "Revive" process is done, your ally will be able to jump back onto the battlefield, on the next plane that passes through the map.




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