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    Clash Royale will get casual mode with PvE soon

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    In an interview with the game's producers, the supercell confirmed who is working on adding a casual mode for one or more players to Clash Royale. It will be a mode where players will fight the game in events (PvE).

    At first, we can imagine a single player mode, but nothing prevents Supercell from creating challenges to be solved together, just like 2vs2 clan battles.

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    Confirmation came via a Q&A post with the Clash Royale development team. Check out the snippet.

    Question: Is there a possibility that a casual mode will be coming to the game soon?

    Answer: Yes, we have some things in this area coming with the next update. It's too early to talk, so hold on to that expectation if you can! There won't be a single player mode, but there will be PvE (against the machine, I believe) elements coming and it will be more casual than PvP (player vs player). So the idea is that this should mark some quirks when it comes to more casual game options. Again, don't get bogged down with the above information, please. But we're actually working on something more casual in this direction.


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