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    Clash Royale will add clan tournaments in the next update

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    Clash Royale, Super Cell's strategy card game, just got more interesting. The next update will allow more interaction between clan members, including friendly tournaments and replay of each match. Since it was released, Clash Royale is one of the most downloaded games on Android and iOS.

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    However, tournaments will have rules and that Super Cell didn't make it very clear. But apparently, it will be up to the clan leader to define the rules of each internal tournament, such as levels of each player and banned cards.

    “Our philosophy in tournaments is that anyone who plays Clash Royale should be able to participate and potentially win. The best of the best will be determined by the quality of the player, not the level of their cards!” The Clash Royale Team (pray).

    No date has been released for the update, which means it could arrive at any time. Anyway, it's another proof of how Super Cell wants to insert the fun Clash Royale in the world of competitive games.

    source: Official website

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