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    Clash Royale: next update will bring feature to silence the opponent

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    A few months ago, the Supercell denied many users' request to include the option to mute the opponent in the game Clash Royale (Android and iOS). Today (06) the producer went back and promises that the function will be included in the next update.

    In their blog, Supercell reformulates their thinking that they don't want the game to give the impression of being a singleplayer game. However, the problem lies in the frustration and irritability caused by Clash Royale. To mitigate this, Supercell will allow you to block the opponent, preventing them from sending emotes.

    It's no use denying it. Clash Royale is easily one of the three most annoying mobile games of all time. And frustration seems to be driving most players away. Otherwise, Supercell would not make such a decision, as it had previously denied the appeal.

    The update attacks the “symptom”, but not the “disease”. The big problem with Clash Royale is that it's designed from its core, to be played "little by little". That's why the developer includes such an unfair system of selection of opponents, few spaces for chests and other bad design decisions.

    Via Clash Royale Official Blog

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