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    Clash Royale: Know the Best and Worst Cards in the Game

    Post updated May 2017. Clash Royale (Android e iOS) It has a small set of cards compared to other card games. Thus, it is easy to quickly see which are the best and worst cards in the game. The following list reflects the current state of the game (meta) and this may change in the future with the addition of new cards.

    Warning: This is a selection of the best cards in the entire game, REGARDLESS OF ARENA. To see the best cards and decks from each arena. Access this tutorial.

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    โ€“ 5 Best Common Clash Royale Cards

    1 - shock โ€“ Undoubtedly the most used card in the game. Shock has so many functions that it can be considered an "unbalanced" card, because of its cost. There are only 2 elixir and a card that can be used in combination with several other Clash Royale cards. Shock can be used in both offense and defense.

    2 โ€“ Arrows โ€“ The Arrows removal spell is one of the most popular cards in the game, and certainly one of the best. Excellent for removing small creatures from the field, it has a very good value as it allows you to remove a group of your opponent's creatures for a very low elixir cost (3). The card returned to meta after Supercell nerfed ZAP's power a bit.

    3 - Archers โ€“ Neglected for their low health, two archers offer good support to both turrets in defense and attack when they are behind other stronger troops (Giants). Like Goblins, they may seem weak at first, but once you reach level 8, they are quite useful.

    4 โ€“ Goblins โ€“ Have you ever heard that saying that unity is strength? It can be applied to this card in conjunction with Spear Goblins and Goblin Hut. This whole goblinz makes a big mess and can flood the field like a green stain, causing the opponent to be distracted while you use a Hog Rider or Prince on the other side. Its big positive point is the low cost of Elixir and the huge amount of equal cards that we win throughout the game, being one of the easiest to "up".

    5 โ€“ Horde of Servants โ€“ Unlockable from Arena 4 onwards, the Minion Horde is one of the best โ€œcountersโ€ in the game. Able to easily exterminate a Baby Dragon, the card launches 6 minions on the field that easily sweep any aerial troops from the map (balloons and other minions also dance). Its main quality is that it is a common card, that is, very easy to find or make. It can also be used to attack together with one of the Giants.



    โ€“ The 5 Best Rare Cards in Clash Royale

    1 - Corridor โ€“ Oh! Runners, they are masters of creating confusion and destabilizing the opponent's game. Undoubtedly one of the best cards for push. With a good amount of health, a Hog Rider can jump over any part of the river that divides the field and go offensively detonating any structures that come his way. It is an annoying card to stop as it moves very fast and using a spell like Fireball or Arrows can be useless if you miss. Its only weak point is its 4 Elixir cost, but in the final seconds of the game, it can be decisive.

    2 โ€“ Dry โ€“ The mage is an excellent โ€œSplashโ€ card or in other words, a troop that deals damage to several other troops. Ideal for defense, the mage works great as an attacker too. The ideal is to use it as a support, helping heavy or push troops.

    3 โ€“ Valkyrie โ€“ At the beginning of the game, back in 2016, she was a little useless, but Valquiria has become one of the best. This happened due to the constant use of the skeleton army by the opponents. Valkyrie has become so strong that she survives some powerful spells like Fireball and even Lightning.

    4 โ€“ Ball of Fire โ€“ The fireball is like a meteor coming from the sky. With only 4 elixir, it is possible to detonate not only weak troops, but strong ones like Musketeer, Witch and mages. It's also great for dealing final damage to that turret that's down to 100 health.

    Gigante โ€“ The main tanker at the beginning of the game and that usually appears in the Legendary Arena as well. Giants are usually only replaced by Golems, only if you already have the Golem at level 4 or 5. Until then, this big grinning guy does the trick.

    โ€“ The 5 Best Epic Cards in Clash Royale


    1 โ€“ Skeleton Army โ€“ They have been balanced throughout 2016 and skeletons are among the best cards in the game. They are the most common response to any ground attack. But beware of Fire Spirits or Arrows.

    1 - Baby Dragon โ€“ He might not look strong, but Baby Dragon still solves a lot and is one of the best epic cards in the game. If you won it early on, you can use it without fear until Arena 5, it will mainly be responsible for removing smaller enemy troops, as its damage is in area. But watch out. It has very little health, use it in conjunction with other troops.

    2 โ€“ Barrel of Goblins โ€“ One of the most loved cards by players. You can see her in both the lower and higher arenas. Her presence in our top best cards is simple. The Goblin Barrel is the Miner's replacement, if you don't have this legendary card, you can push with the Goblin Barrel.

    4 โ€“ Golem โ€“ The Golem is one of the best cards in the game, unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive (Elixir) too. At the cost of 8, a good strategy is to save it for the final moments of the game. No matter what the enemy throws, it will take a long time to kill this fellow. And if that happens, smaller Golems are summoned, keeping enemy troops busy.

    5 โ€“ Witch โ€“ She may not be strong in the higher arenas, but in the lower arenas the Witch commands. Her range of attacks is her highlight. Well positioned, it can stop a push on its own and start a counterattack alongside a tanker troop.

    โ€“ The 5 Worst Cards in Clash Royale

    The following cards aren't useless or completely bad, they just don't fit the current meta of the game. It may be that in the future they will become more relevant, but for now, you can forget to โ€œupโ€ these cards.

    1 โ€“ Tesla โ€“ Tesla was never one of the best cards in Clash Royale. Forgettable in early arenas, the card simply disappears in higher arenas. It should have an effect similar to that of the Electric Mage. But even if it did, Tesla is low on health, which makes it one of the worst cards in the game.

    2 โ€“ Barbarian Hut โ€“ The Barbarian Hut suffers from the same effect as Tesla, but in reverse. She has a lot of health, but takes a long time to spawn Barbarians. Its elixir cost is high and so it becomes a bad investment.

    3 โ€“ Tower of Bombs โ€“ Tower of Bombs are even a good answer against elite Barbarians, but they are currently weak against Giant, Golem and especially air troops.

    4 โ€“ Battle Ariat โ€“ The card was recently introduced but not yet found in the game. Unless you get a very favorable match, this card will hardly solve a match for you, as it is very easy to couterate the Battle Ram.

    5 โ€“ Goblin with Darts โ€“ This card isn't exactly bad, however, it still hasn't fit into any strong deck in the game.


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    [originally published March 15, 2016]

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