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    Clash Royale: here's how to defend yourself against the Dark Witch

    A dark witch is the new “appeal” letter from Clash Royale. Unlike Bandit, the new legendary came very strong and is already one of the cards that completely “breaks” the meta. Know how to defend against it and perform a good counter to get the elixir advantage.

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    With the possibility of releasing more bats than the normal Witch's skeletons, the Dark Witch has Melee attacks (Melee) and is faster than her "common sister".

    Costing only 4 elixir, using Fireball or another higher cost spell is not a good counter to the Dark Witch (only if she is joined by other low health troops). See how to defend yourself against this little bitch with the tips below.

    All interactions of the Dark Witch with other cards (Except the furnace). Video from the Orange Juice channel.

    – How to defend Dark Witch Decks

    The decks they use Dark Witch often use Giant and Executioner as well.. To counter this push, the ideal is to use Fornalha in the center of your field to attract the giant.

    However, the counter doesn't stop there. It is necessary use tornado to get everyone away from Furnace and use the Executor to end the job. If the opponent doesn't have Executioner, just use the Furnace + Tornado combo to drive away enemy troops.

    Any other counter against this push such as Skeleton Army or Inferno Tower will be ineffective. In the case of the Army, the adversary's enforcer handles them with ease. If you use an Inferno Tower, it will kill the Giant, but you will be left with the fearsome Dark Witch and the Executioner.

    Shadow Witch decks tend to come with everything for the attack and have a very difficult push to deal with. Only that, if you're lucky and have an attack with fury (already in the starting hand), you'll have a chance to attack from the other lane. Making the opponent forget about the attack and start worrying about the other side of the field.

    The best strategy is to play on the back, breaking the opponent's attacks until he gives up the game. One of the best decks against Dark Witch is this one featured on the Youtube channel Clash with Dom.
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