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    Clash Royale: Dark Witch nerfed in 1st update

    Supercell has a history of releasing unbalanced cards to force players to buy them as quickly as possible. It seems that this time, the tactic went wrong and the producer is already programming the decrease in the power (nerf) of the Dark Witch. In addition to it several other cards will have changes.

    Changes to the Dark Witch and her bats:

    • Shadow Witch: Decreased number of Bats spawned after death (from 4 to 3), increased Bat spawn speed (from 5s to 6s), and the first Bats spawn more slowly]
    • Bats: Decreased Bat count (from 5 to 4)

    Both cards were recently released and have already received an immediate nerf. This directly affects decks that utilize dark witches and bats with spells like Heal, Fury, and Clone.

    See the rest of the changes to the other spell cards:

    • Tornado, Poison, Heal: Multiples of the same spell will stack
    • Tornado: Decreased duration (from 3s to 2,5s)
    • The Log: range decreased (from 11.6 to 11.1)
    • Clone: 鈥嬧媐aster cloning effect

    Troop card changes:

    • Goblin Gang: Decreased Goblin Spearmen count (from 3 to 2)
    • Skeletons: Skeleton count decreased (from 4 to 3)
    • Bandit: +4% health, your run starts faster
    • Inferno Dragon: +7% health, seek new targets 0,2s faster
    • Witch: +5% health, +10% AoE damage range, decreased spawn speed
    • Skeletons (from 7,5s to 7s) and early Skeletons spawn slower
    • Battle Ram: Damage that destroys the ram will not affect Barbarians

    The changes for the next update will be added on June 12, 2017.

    Fonte: Official Clash Royale Blog

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