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    Clash of Clans: All about the new update

    Clash of Clans, Free strategy game for Android e iOS, received today (16) a new update. As always, you need to update to continue playing. Check out what's new in the update.

    Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, has been showing never-before-seen footage about the new features for the upcoming update for Clash of Clans. Previously, the producer had already announced a new Troop, Lava Hound that would initially deal damage to the air defenses and later, when it dies, it will damage anything that comes its way.

    He had also revealed about other features that will be included in the update like Black Barracks level 6, barbarian level 7 and archer level 7, the walls update now has elixir and gold options.


    New troop: Lava Hound

    • This flying unit mainly attacks air defenses
    • With high health the Lava Hound clears its way through enemy defenses.
    • Although the unit deals very low damage, it will erupt upon death in many Lava Puppies. Lava Hound is available from Black Barracks level 6 and Town Hall level 9.

    New Updates

    • Barbarians and Archers level 7
    • Archer Tower Level 13
    • Level 6 Dark Elixir Stalls

    New wall improvements

    • From level 6 on walls, players will be able to choose between using elixir or gold to upgrade their walls.
    • Selecting multiple walls at once just got easier

    replay improvements

    • Added pause button in replays (except live replays in clan wars)
    • Replays and live replays now show the attacker's available troops so you can see exactly what was used and what wasn't
    • Live replay screen now shows the time remaining on the battlefield so you can watch the timer just like the attacker

    Balancing on some units

    • Hero regeneration time has been greatly reduced at all levels
    • Valkyrie training time has been reduced
    • Healers have been improved to avoid distraction: now they will always try to stay in the same group and heal them
    • Clan castle defense troops, can now use all 4 portals to exit the castle

    Other improvements

    • Troops can be eliminated from army camps and Clan Castle
    • Spell removed for production cancellation penalty[
    • Spells are produced in the same order they are selected.

    Check out Lava Hound's gameplay below:




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