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    CITY: NetEase's "The Last of Us" enters beta test (Android and IOS)

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    A few months ago, more specifically in July, we reported that the developer and publisher of mobile games, NetEase, would be developing a new game very similar to the series The Last of Us, exclusive to Sony. Entitled CITY, this new “TLoU mobile” has entered beta test in China, both for Android and IOS.

    Observation. The game has changed its name. From “The City”, to just CITY. It is worth remembering that this name may change again when it is released in the west.

    For those who don't know, CITY is an open world and online survival game where players will have to face a dark fog, in addition to other players. It was developed by the famous NetEase, behind games like LIFEAfter, which uses the Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games' development engine. Check out a gameplay from the Allstars Production channel:

    According to the developer on TapTap's website, she has positive expectations about multiplayer, and hopes players will team up rather than simply compete with one another.

    Unlike other games, in CITY we will have a more down-to-earth story, without any kind of fantasy or fairy tale, which revolves around the city of the near future, which gave the game its name. NetEase hopes to provoke us with the characters during the game, awakening their encounters, difficulties, emotions, sadness and joys. The idea is to make the journey more human and empathetic with us players.

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    It was also revealed that the devs. will open space to implement MODs in CITY, to use the creativity of the community.

    The new beta test is being tested in China only. If you decide to download this version of the game, be prepared to face menus in Chinese, as unfortunately it does not support other languages.

    And when will NetEase's “The Last of Us mobile” be released?

    NetEase also communicates that the game is still in development, and will likely undergo some changes until its release.


    Source: TapTap

    [originally published October 10, 2021]

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