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    Children's Day Special – 5 Best Games for iPhone/Android

    Not only violent games and realistic graphics live the world of video games. At Crianças, often overlooked by the “specialized media” see their favorite games discarded from any kind of magazine or website.. but not here!

    We prepared a special with the best games for iPhone and Android elected by them, the children. Don't expect any hardcore games, the games are for children from 4 years old. All games are in Spanish and some even have a dubbing in our language.

    5 best iPhone and Android games that kids love and you don't!


    Adventure Time: Jumping SuperFinn - Download iPhone e iPad
    Price: $ 1,99

    Based on one of the best cartoons today, Adventure Time: Jumping SuperFinn, it couldn't be a "normal" game. The gameplay is beyond bizarre, Jake the dog has to kick his friend Finn until the end of the level. The cool thing about the game is that it's all in Spanish.


    Ben 10 OmniJogos e Ben 10 Game Generator - Download iPhone/iPad
    Price: $ 0,99

    In order not to get repetitive, we put two Ben 10 games in one position. Both are minigames with varied gameplay. In OmniJogos, we have some minigames in the style of Flash games. In “Game Generator” we have a Puzzle builder to assemble levels in the “Goofy and Max” style for Super Nintendo.


    Fishtronaut Games for iPhone and iPad - Download
    Prices: US$ 0,99

    Anyone who has children from 2 to 5 years old knows that they love this drawing. There are 3 cheap minigames ($0,99) for kids to enjoy. And of course! All in Spanish.

    Reino da Fantasia (Fantasy Town) - Download iPhone/iPad  e Download Android
    Price: Free

    This one, the girls love it, Fantasy Town is the Simcity of Gameloft focused on fairy tales. All in Spanish, the game's focus is on building a thriving and cuddly kingdom. Despite being a Freemium game, you can play a lot without being bothered by in-app purchases.

    Where is my Perry - Download iPhone/iPad e Download Android
    Price: US$0,99 (also check out a free version here)

    The platypus Agent from the cartoon Fineas and Felps has to escape from the evil doctor of evil. Despite fully copying the original "Where is My Water?” the Disney game (author of the rights to Where is My Water?) did a great job dubbing and translating the game. It's really fun for kids to enjoy a game with Spanish voices.

    [originally published October 12, 2012]

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