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    Children's Day: 10 Free Games for Kids of All Ages (Android and iOS)

    It is no secret to anyone that smartphones and tablets are currently the first video game consoles for children. Children spend more time playing games on mobile devices than any other device. With that in mind, we decided to put together a top 10 special games for this Children's Day. These are free games that can be played by children of all ages, as they do not contain any type of violence. That is, for caring parents on duty, they can download quietly. Let's get to the downloads!

    – Cars: Fast as Lightning (Free)

    The game Cars: Fast as Lightning arrived just in time for Children's Day. Gameloft's recent launch in partnership with Disney/Pixar perfectly matches the theme of the most beloved date for children after Christmas. Command Lightning McQueen and his friends in a fun game that mixes racing and building. The game allows you to compete in races with your friends and see who is the furthest in the game.

    Link to Download Cars: Fast as Lightning on Android and iOS

    – Bubble Witch 2 Saga (Free)

    If Cars is focused on boys, we can say that Bubble Witch 2 Saga's target audience is girls. In this game, you'll have to help a little witch to defeat all the evil spirits. As? simply dropping balls in a scheme reminiscent of the classic Puzzle Bobble. There are more than 60 stages in a game easier than other games of the genre. The game has integration with social networks, such as Facebook, so you can follow the performance of your friends.

    Link to Download Bubble Witch 2 Saga on Android and iOS

    – Subway Surfers (Free)

    Unbeatable classic, if there was a survey asking, what is the first game a child installs on a smartphone, the answer would be Subway Surfers. The game was exclusive at the time of its release, on iOS, and this was the envy of many Android users. Today, present on several platforms, the rail running game is a success anywhere. With constant updates and the eternal rivalry to beat your friends' records, Subway Surfers will still be a reason for lots of fun on your cell phone screen.

    Link to Download Subway Surfers on Android and iOS

    – Despicable Me – Minion Rush (Free)

    Despicable Me (Minion Rush) is one of Gameloft's most successful games. The racing game is clearly inspired by Subway Surfers, but it has its own qualities. Starting with the cute Minions, who play a lot in this game. The highlight is the visual quality combined with a gameplay that perfectly matches the theme of the game. To top it off, the game still has fun minigames ranging from some bosses to adventures on the Moon.

    Link to Download Despicable Me (Minion Rush) on Android and iOS

    – Angry Birds (Anyone)

    A lot of people may have gotten tired of the Angry Birds phenomenon, but I'll tell you who didn't: children. The game is a hit among the little ones, be any of them. The latest game in the franchise, Angry Birds Stella, has captivated players, but especially girls. The premise is the same in any Angry Birds game, destroy the structures built by the pigs using birds with or without power-ups.

    Link to Download Angry Birds Stella on Android and iOS

    – Ice Age: Adventures (Free)

    Ice Age: Adventures is the successor to the former Ice Age: Village. Gameloft has wisely decided to bring one of its most successful games to a new generation of devices. With renewed graphics, Ice Age: Adventures is all in 3D and has new minigames. The objectives remain the same, take care of the animals and build the best village for them. But this time, you'll be able to venture into new regions with Sid and his friends. The game is all in Spanish.

    Link to Download Ice Age: Adventures on Android and iOS

    – Sonic Racing Transformed (Grátis)

    Sonic Racing Transformed is one of those paid games that stays free forever. And we think that's great. Now anyone can download Sonic and his friends racing game. Following the “Mario Kart” line, Sonic Racing Transformed goes further by offering the “transformation” system that allows vehicles to transform into planes or boats. The game has an online multiplayer mode, many championships and a friendly system to earn points and unlock new characters. For those who grew up with a Mega Drive (like me), a practically mandatory game.

    Link to Download Sonic Racing Transformed on Android and iOS

    – Where's My Water? 2 (free)

    In the company of an alligator that loves to bathe, you'll have to solve riddles in one of the most fun games for people of all ages. Eliminate the paths that block the water and help the alligators clean themselves. In the new Where's My Water? 2, Swampy won't be alone and you'll have quests with Allie and Cranky. The game has more than 100 levels and new modes such as Duck Rush and “Challenge Mode”.

    Download Link Where's My Water? 2 on Android and iOS

    – FarmVille 2 Countryside Adventures (Free)

    FarmVille 2 Country Adventures is the direct sequel to the famous farm game. Say what you want about this game, but the kids love it. In FarmVille 2, the main objective is to have the best farm. For that, you'll have to plant, harvest, care for the farm animals and much more. The big news of the new version is the visual, which is now all in 3D. The minor novelties are due to new interactions between players and the possibility of fishing. FarmVille 2 is free to play, has offline gameplay and is all in Spanish. Too much!

    Link to Download FarmVille 2 Countryside Adventures on Android and iOS

    – Formula Cartoon All-Stars (Free)

    Formula Cartoon All-Stars is a car racing game with an aerial view that features characters from Cartoon Network cartoons. Race with characters from cartoons like “Just a Show”, “Adventure Time”, “The Amazing World of Gumball” and many others. A very fun game with more than 70 tracks and a system to evolve the characters' cars. A must see for anyone interested in Cartoon Network cartoons.

    Link to Download Formula Cartoon All-Stars on Android and iOS

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