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    Chaos Rings 3 confirmed for Android, iOS and PS Vita in Japan

    Square Enix is already preparing the launch for Chaos Rings 3, one of the best RPG franchises for smartphones (Androifrom iOS). Chaos Rings 3 will be released October 16th in Japan. The PS Vita version will be called “Chaos Rings Prequel Trilogy 3” and will come as a digital download. For fans of the series (me), there will also be a digipack consisting of a booklet with artwork from the game.

    The version of the game for Android and iOS will cost 2800 yen, something around R$ 60 reais!! Does it seem absurd? Not so much, there in Japanese lands, people value games much more than here, so it's not surprising that games usually cost the same as console versions. However, if the game arrives here, it may come with the same price as its predecessors, that is, something around 15 dollars.

    Check out the review of past Chaos Rings games here, here, and here.

    Below, check out many images of Chaos Rings 3 that is looking amazing. No date has been given for the western release of the game. If you are seeing this post on blog app for android you need to access the website to see the gallery.

    Via PocketGamer

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