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    Chaos Battle League is the best Clash Royale-inspired game so far

    Chaos Battle League is a Clash Royale style game developed by This Game Studio with versions for iOS and Android. The game follows the same system of mobilizing troops and destroying enemy towers. The big difference of Chaos Battle in relation to other clones is that it is as charismatic as the Supercell hit.

    Yes, in this genre it is necessary that the game has funny characters that are easily recognized by the public. This is something that many Clash Royale-inspired games lack. Without charisma, the player, especially children, tend to leave the game quickly.

    Chaos Battle League has around 59 cards, which are divided into 3 classes: Common, Rare and Epic. There are 9 arenas and 8 leagues. The game had a guild system, allowing you to battle with friends and request cards. All very similar to what is in Clash Royale.

    Battles are very similar to Clash Royale. Three towers on each side of the stage. Players must destroy the opponent's towers. For this, it is necessary to launch troops in the field that walk in a programmatic way. As time goes by, the energy meter gets faster and the game gets more frantic. Whoever destroys all three towers or more than the opponent before time runs out wins.

    As Chaos Battle League was recently released, it is clear that it lacks the refinement and balance of Clash Royale. But it is still a great option for

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    Although Chaos Battle League has the same proposal as Clash Royale, it is still fun. The differentiated look, all in 3D and quality animations are some of the differentials in relation to other “clones” of the Supercell game. Starting at level 5, the game features new combat modes.

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    Link to Download on Android

    Developer: This Game Studio
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 9.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 200 MB

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