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    Champions Legion will end in August

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    Sad news for MOBA fans Champions Legion. Studio Trois posted on social media that it will close the game's activities and shut down the servers on August 24th.

    According to the producer, the decrease in users caused the game to decline. See the official note:

    Dear Champions, Since we started the Open Beta, we've worked hard to create the best possible gameplay experience for you in Champions Legion. However, given the current state of the game and the decrease in users, we realize that this path we created together must come to an end; so we decided to close the game completely. This was a difficult decision as we know the love and support this community has given us for over a year. We have the same passion you have for CL, and this community has made all our efforts worthwhile; so we are very grateful for all the experiences we had together. However, the game will not end immediately, you will be able to play until August 24, 2021. We look forward to sharing more winning moments with you all during this time! Below is the schedule of the Champions Legion shutdown process: 1) Champions Legion will discontinue premium currency purchase systems starting May 31, but you will be able to continue using the in-game store as normal. 2) Champions Legion will shut down its servers on August 24th, including the shutdown of all connectivity services and systems. 3) Before the trial ends, all players will be able to enjoy all the content and events currently open in the game, and after May 31st we will have farewell events, a new mode and all free heroes, including the new heroine Renée, as well as remembrance events on Facebook. We hope you enjoy the content! We will continue to comply with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, keeping certain information to comply with our legal obligations. The development team will continue to work to make better games for you. So this is not a goodbye, but a see you later! Thank you for your unconditional support! See you on new battlegrounds! – Champions Legion development team –

    Source: Facebook

    Despite the farewell tone, the fact that they don't shut down the servers completely, may reveal that there is still salvation for this excellent mobile game. Just get the community to play again.

    Released in 2020, Champions Legion is a great MOBA game that is very light and it's all in Spanish (including dubbed). However, it may have suffered from something that was already evident in the mobile world: we have too many games to play and too little time to devote to them.



    Developer: Studio Trois
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 10
    Language: Spanish | Size: 136 MB

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