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    CES 2015: Nvidia presents X1, new chip for Android devices

    during aa CES 2015, Nvidia introduced its new chip for Android devices, the Tegra X1. successor of Tegra K1, the new chip has Maxwell architecture, the same as the company's most powerful video cards, such as GeForce GTX 980.

    The X1 has 256 graphics cores, 8 processing cores and as a result is a chip up to twice as fast as the “old” Tegra K1. During the presentation, the chip ran the Tech Demo “Elemental”, from Unreal Engine 4, with results very close to those of more modern video game consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One. However, everything was demonstrated empirically, without a ready-made device with the chip included.

    Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia himself, admits that the chip is "too strong" for smartphones. By “strong” we mean “eats a bad battery making the experience unfeasible (at least for now).

    And all this processing power can go unnoticed by the Spanish consumer. Last year, Nvidia threw in the towel by giving up the competition for cheap chips in smartphones and tablets. Just to be clear, to compete with Qualcomm Nvidia would need to provide cheap chips to device manufacturers, which is why we don't see Nvidia's technology widely applied in mobile devices or video game consoles.

    Photo and source: Techtudo

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