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    CES 2014: PlayStation Now Brings PS3 and PS VITA Games to Android

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    Have you ever thought about playing PS3 games through your Android smartphone or tablet without having to be close, or even have a console? Well, know that this magic may be possible with Sony's new service, the PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now will be a cloud computing service that will allow Playstation 4 players to run Playstation 3 games. The big news is that the service will be compatible with Sony smartphones and tablets. The service was announced today (07) during CES 2014.

    It's not a rumor, it's real and now!

    In June of last year, Sony announced that it had acquired the Gaikai service, a cloud computing service that allows on-demand game streaming. All processing takes place in the “cloud” and the application only delivers the processed video output. The solution is ideal for devices with low processing power, but which have broadband internet access.

    Obviously for this magic to happen, a good quality connection is necessary, but it doesn't have to be anything absurd. With 10 Mbps it is already possible to know the service.

    It is also obvious that the service will be paid and the user will be able to “rent” a game or buy it. Sony will implement Playstation Now in 2014, first for Playstation 3, 4 and later for PS Vita.

    Not many details were presented regarding the mobile version of PlayStation Now, but as Sony itself stated, the service is guaranteed for Sony smartphones and tablets with Android.

    Via The Verge


    [originally published January 7, 2014]

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