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    Catalyst Black: Here's How to Join Early Access

    A Super Evil Megacorp, the creators of MOBA Vainglory announced the details for the long-awaited game's early access Catalyst Black. The game will be released in 2020, but anyone who wants to participate must register quickly, beta tests will start on August 12th.

    Catalyst Black is a battleground shooter with multiple game modes. The game will have versions for PC and Mobile (Android and iOS), with cross-play and cross-progression.

    Catalyst Black draws inspiration and lessons learned from Vainglory and provides a combat experience that blends MOBA with shooter. The game is built around the concept of being “cloud first” and cross-platform ready, but will be released on mobile platforms first. Catalyst Black enters Early Access in August 12 for iOS players. Players interested in being one of the first to test the game should sign up on Discord today.

    What do you need to do:

    • Join the official Catalyst Black Discord at
    • Open a direct message with the official Catalyst Black bot (Catalyst Black #1323)
    • Type the command !secretservice
    • You will be asked to provide information such as the required email address.
    • At this point, there's no way of knowing when you'll be called for service - but always be ready.

    Catalyst Black was first revealed in May 2020 and is designed to look like a shooter and battleground that will allow players to showcase their skills in an experience unlike anything we've seen before. Set in a world of mystery and magic, players have access to thousands of combinations of equipment, weapons, and abilities that together define their playstyle. Collect, upgrade and customize gear to create the perfect loadout.

    One of Catalyst Black's unique highlights is the ability to transform. In addition to your weapons and abilities, you can also equip a mask that allows you to temporarily transform your character into a mighty primal god. The drop-in, drop-out design will allow players to get into the action faster, without waiting to join a team or for long periods of play. Players can directly join a friends game just by tapping on their name, while individual players can also join in-progress matches.

    Built on the EVIL engine, Super Evil Megacorp was able to introduce a completely new ambient authoring system and technologies that allowed the team to create beautiful maps, with pre-rendered ambient lighting that blends in with the dynamic lighting. The result creates a unique graphical look, hyper-responsive gunplay and minimal lag. The team also took a new approach to backend services to provide players with a more reliable and performing experience, optimizing performance for faster downloads and creating the lowest possible memory usage.

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