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    Cat Quest: The Kitty Knight's Epic Journey Comes to Android

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Cat Quest is an action adventure game that is very reminiscent of old games like The Legend of Zelda. With a very beautiful 2D look, in this game, your character is a cat whose objective is to rescue his sister. A vast world to explore and no in-app purchases. That's right, another premium quality paid game (R$ 16,99) that is worth every penny.

    First of all, Cat Quest is a paid game that resembles projects for desktop consoles. No wonder the game is also available for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. With creativity and dynamic gameplay, this is an unmissable game that can't be missed in the collection of those who love “zeroing” games on their cell phones.

    A fun fact about Cat Quest is that the entire game takes place on the world map itself. From there, you access dungeons, but you can also fight enemies in action-packed fights.

    With lovely colors and charming gameplay, Cat Quest is everything you'd expect from mobile game developers. The game was originally released on iOS and later came to other platforms.

    Everything happens just by swiping and tapping the screen. By touching enemies, the player activates the attack command, but can also swipe to perform a secondary attack. It is still possible to upgrade your kitty by choosing new clothes or changing the kitty's class. All with zero in-app purchases.

    - Opinion

    A lot of people will go through this game on the Play Store thinking it's just a clone of The Legend of Zelda. Of course, the game takes inspiration from the Nintendo classic, but it is evident that creativity was strong here, with many innovative mechanics and gameplay. A game that gives us the feeling of being nostalgic, but at the same time it is a completely new title.

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad (PAID)

    Link to Download on Android (PAID)

    Developer: The Gentlebros
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 7.0
    Language: English | Size: 265 MB

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