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    CarX Street will NOT be released on Android anymore (for now)

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    CarX Street is one of the most anticipated car racing games of 2022.

    After delaying the game for three times, the studio CarX Technologies spoke this Friday (21), through Twitter, to warn that CarX Street will be released only on iOS. An Android version will be released in the near future.


    The announcement was made via Twitter and took many Android fans by surprise.


    ❗ That's why we had to postpone the launch of the Android version of CarX Street. Therefore, the worldwide launch of our project is planned on iOS platform only.



    Why will CarX Street NOT be released on Android anymore?

    According to the game's producer, CarX Technologies, there was no time to make the Android version meet the standards required by Google in terms of "size".

    The game has apparently gotten too big to fit into a single APK within Google Play. (For those who don't know, the maximum size of an APK inside the store, compressed is a maximum of 4 GB).

    As a result, the size of the initial download made it impossible for the Android version to be released on time. Therefore, the game will be released, at first, only on iOS.

    Also according to CarX Technologies it should arrive on Android in the near future, however, they will not give any more release forecast.


    Tested the game on iOS

    I did several tests with CarX Street in its iOS version (I will upload the videos soon). CarX Street is a very heavy game that runs with great difficulty on the iPhone 8 Plus. A device that is already old, yes, but that usually has a performance in games similar to that of the POCO F3.

    In videos I saw of the game running on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is possible to see that it runs at a lower resolution than the device and there are still several defects in the image such as Popin (objects jumping on the screen) and stuttering (stuttering).

    In our tests, it became evident that, if CarX Street were released as it is for Android, it would be such a heavy game that it would run only with graphics at Maximum only on smartphones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, that is, the processor of high-end smartphones this year.

    As most of the Android audience doesn't have premium intermediate smartphones, let alone top of the line, it's clear that there's no point in releasing the game for Android as it is. Although many people see the videos of the game running on newer iPhones and think that it will “run on Android just fine”, as the studio itself made a point of saying: “we still see a lot of room for improvement in game performance on Android devices.”

    For now, the game remains an iOS exclusive and is available on the Russian App Store.


    Developer: CarX Technologies
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires iOS 13.0
    Language: Russian | Size: 4GB


    Source: Twitter

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