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    CarX Street: when will the launch be on Android and iOS?

    The long-awaited game that mixes open world and racing was expected for September, but it will no longer be released this month.

    CarX Street is a racing game and driving simulator that has been in high demand due to its similarities to games like Need for Speed ​​Underground, NFS Heat, and Forza Horizon. The game is under development and will be released soon for Android, iOS and PC.


    CarX Street will NOT be released on Android anymore (for now). know everything here


    CarX Street's graphics look great, but the gameplay still feels truncated, showing that a lot of tweaking still needs to be done.

    CarX Street involves online and offline racing with many challenges in a gigantic city.

    CarX Street was scheduled to release in October, but on Steam, the release date is December 15. At the moment, CarX Street is already in open beta testing on iOS in some countries such as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

    When will CarX street come out for Android? Apparently, the game will launch on mobile devices first in October 2022. The PC version arrives on December 15 and already has a page on Steam.

    There was a prediction that the game would be released on Android first in September this year, but the game's producer, CarX Technologies, posted a note warning that the release was postponed.


    Hello drivers!💥
    ✅ Today we want to share some data about the development of the Android version.
    1. We are still working on the version.
    The actual launch date of the project on this platform according to our current estimate: October this year. We cannot provide the exact date yet, but we will share this information with you as soon as possible.
    2. The Android version will be free to download from the Play Market.
    3. We are currently unable to provide specific information on system requirements for Android devices. Stay tuned, we will inform you more.
    4. We have no plans to reset the progress of iOS players at the time of the release of the Android version of the project.
    We are doing our best to ensure that players on the Android platform can enjoy the world of CarX Street as soon as possible.
    Thanks for playing with us!

    Source: Official page of the game on Facebook.

    Also, the scale of the game is gigantic and a huge job for a small mobile game developer. So you have to be patient with this release. It is much better to wait and receive a good game, than to be disappointed and that the "exaggerated hype" kills the game, as has happened with other titles in the past.

    Check out the gameplay in the video below:



    Developer: CarX Technologies
    Advertising: No | offline game
    Contains in-app purchases: Yes
    Requires iOS 13.0
    Language: Russian | Size: 4GB

    About CarX Street

    Returned by CarX Technologies, CarX Street is the company's first open world game. Known for their Drift and Drag games, this producer has highly rated games on Google Play and the App Store. This is his first time investing in a "full" racing game.

    Currently only available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, the game is highly rated and sits at the top of the App Store for “racing games” with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating and over 11,000 positive reviews.

    [ originally published on September 15, 2022 ]

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