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    CAPCOM will release 4 more mobile games by March 2017

    Monster Hunter Stories:Otomon Drop, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and more. In CAPCOM started a new restructuring of its mobile games portfolio. By March of next year (2017), the producer intends to release these and two more games.

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    In April 2016, Capcom restructured Beeline Interactive, which developed The Smurf’s Village, Magical Meadow, between others. Before the restructuring, Beeline never made a game based on a Capcom franchise. Now dubbed Capcom Mobile Co, it plans to make four games before March 2017. Well, what are these games? See the trailer of two of them.

    Monster Hunter Stories: Otomon Drop is a puzzle game based on the Monster Hunter Stories spin-off. The game has already been released in Japan, and is expected to arrive in the West soon.

    The other game is the Android and iOS version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. This very confirmed for the West, and is expected to be released tomorrow (1) on iOS and on December 8 on Android.

    What is the next step for the studio? Capcom said in a launch to its investors, that a game Mega Man will also be released soon. As for the 4th game, we still don't know.

    What did you think of the news? Are you waiting for the 2017 releases? We've already made a video with what's coming next year. Check it out here.


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