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    CAPCOM seeks testers for Street Fighter IV CE on Android

    CAPCOM Mobile today posted a warning on twitter that it is looking for players to test Street Fighter IV Champion Edition No. Android. The game has already been released on iOS and now, it seems that CAPCOM will finally release the game on Google's system.

    It's worth remembering that CAPCOM never actually released Street Fighter IV on Android (see more curiosities). What happened was the launch only in one part of the world, and only for LG phones. It turns out that hackers ripped the game and distributed the APK around.


    Now CAPCOM will redeem itself from that mistake by bringing the excellent Street Fighter IV CE to Android. Could you bring it with better graphics? They could, but we are already grateful to finally see this title compatible with the latest Android devices.

    To participate in the beta, simply answer the questions at the link below. It is worth remembering that the game is not free and even if you sign up for the beta test, you will have to buy the game to play.

    Link to sign up for the beta test:


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