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    Call off Free Fire Battle Royale – OFFLINE Game for Android

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    Call off Free Fire is a game of the Battle Royale subgenre free to download and play No. Android. In it you will play matches with 4 bots on the map. the game is offline and they have advertisements that will give you money to buy new weapons of attack and defense. Alright bizarre, with the right to Shield of Vikings.

    This is one of those games that try to take advantage in every way. The cleverness of the developers, or marketers in this case, starts in its name, which mixes two of the most famous games of the genre (Call of Duty and Free Fire. With that, Call off Free Fire Battle Royale tries to take advantage of search engines. When this first strategy works, the game tricks players with fake images copied from other games.

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    By getting attention and download, Call off Free Fire Battle Royale starts acting again to take advantage. Even before the game enters the start screen, players receive a shower of commercials as a gift. They also appear during the game. Lucky the game is offline and the bots don't have great artificial intelligence.

    The only scenery has a poorly made look. It looks like the game isn't over yet. The blurred textures and dead colors made the game tiring. Character movement animations are weird. For example, when jumping, the character looks like he was startled by something he saw. Bugs are not lacking in the game. In the graphic part, the objects in the scenery disappear and reappear in front of your eyes during the game.

    The gameplay is quite different from call of duty or free fire, which the game tried to copy in its name. In Call of Free Fire Battle Royale we have a specific button to run. But when you press it, the character runs straight forward and you lose all control of movement until you press it again. Sometimes the virtual control buttons simply freeze or disappear leaving the player still until he dies from enemy attacks or the player closes the game.

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    – Is it worth downloading?

    Weird animations, uninteresting and buggy scenery. In addition to the many advertisements on various inopportune occasions. Call of Free Fire Battle Royale is a game that I wouldn't recommend even to my worst enemy. He tries to take advantage of the players as much as possible. People are giving high marks and positive comments to this game, but it's all sarcasm. And other people are being deceived by them.

    Game link on Google Play (Android)

    Developer: Good Action Games
    Advertising: Yes | OFFLINE game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 150 MB

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