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    Call of Duty WARZONE Mobile: see gameplay from CODNEXT event streamers

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    Activision shared the livestreams of all streamers who participated in the CODNEXT event, held today (15), and who were playing Call of Duty WARZONE Mobile. All participants are partner content producers of the production company and were allowed to share the game's gameplay.






    The complete list of Streamers, with the links to the lives, you can check on this Twitter Thread:

    Want to see more Warzone Mobile content?

    👀 Check out some of our #WarzoneMobile_Partner streams that helped showcase early gameplay footage to the world today.

    Thread below 🧵👇

    — Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile (@WarzoneMobile) September 15, 2022

    And which smartphone was used at the event?

    To play Call of Duty WARZONE Mobile at the CODNext event, streamers were using a iPhone 13 Pro Max, as you can hear Wynnsanity talking here. Also according to Wynnsanity, they were playing an Alpha test version.

    And what is an Alpha trial version? An Alpha release is an internal test release that is always presented to a small number of users. Once this version is approved, the game goes to a Beta testing version where more players will be able to test the game.

    As you can see, Call of Duty WARZONE Mobile is still at an early stage of development. According to Activision, the game will be released in 2022, but I highly doubt it. Most likely WARZONE Mobile will only arrive in 2023.


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