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    Call of Duty Mobile: New Beta APK (Australia) – UPDATED

    Call of Duty Mobile has opened a new beta test, this time in Australia. The game has been updated to version 1.0.3.

    To play the new version, just update through the Uptodown app, which we taught in a previous post. If you haven't already, just follow the tutorial below to download the updated version.

    > How to download Call of Duty Mobile UPDATED <

    You can also download through the Tap Tap app, it's your choice.

    This is the third closed beta test for Call of Duty Mobile, there is still no scheduled release date.

    - How to play?

    To play Call of Duty Mobile in this new closed beta test, you must use a VPN from Australia. The process is even indicated here, but instead of looking for a VPN for India, you will look for one located in Australia.

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