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    Call of Duty Mobile gets new CBT and doesn't require VPN to play

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    Call of Duty Mobile has a new closed beta test (CBT) on Android and iOS. This time, the game is available in countries like Thailand and Indonesia. The ones where he would go out with the Free Fire publisher, Garena.

    The novelty is that it is no longer necessary to use VPN to play. The device only needs to be used to start the game, then there is no need for a VPN anymore and the ping improves a lot.

    This demonstrates that Activision is testing the game's western servers, which indicates that the global launch is very close. It is also worth remembering that Call of Duty Mobile has already been released in several countries in soft launch, which is like an open beta, but only in selected countries.

    We have already posted several articles on how to download the game's APK and play. Australian, Canadian and etc. But if you want to download and test the game, “no frills”, just download the game through Tap Tap.

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