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    Bullet Force enters Beta on Android! See how to Download!

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    Another highly anticipated FPS by Former Modern Combat 5 fans is Bullet Force Multiplayer. The game is focused on online shooting and has versions for iOS and PC. The Android version is still in development, but you can already test the game that is in its final adjustments. See how to download!

    Despite the huge fanfare of the game's community, Bullet Force is a simple game, but it has a very well-regarded quality: the absence of perks, in-app purchases and other things for "cash player". The thing here is to be good at the trigger and that's it.

    The scenarios are average and the graphics are acceptable. What captivates the game is the ease of controls combined with a multiplayer without any fuss, coins, energy bars and so on.

    Bullet Force Multiplayer appeared yesterday for a few hours on Google Play, but has since been removed (see HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME AT THE END OF THE POST).

    The game has OFFLINE campaign mode with missions for you to earn money and use to buy new weapons in multiplayer mode.

    - Opinion

    We tested the game in its PC version. It's a fun game to pass the time, with adjustable graphics and maps with really cool levels. However, it is not a game to be considered “THE FPS”, nor does it reach the level of games with more content like CrossFire and MC5, but it is definitely one of the lightest and easiest to play.

    Download link on Android | PC

    NOTICE: The game is still in beta test on Android, and does not appear when accessing the link. To download and play, you need to search for “Bullet Force” on mobile or tablet (does not appear if accessing Google Play from PC). The correct game is the one in the image below.

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