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    BUG Report – Parte 2 (Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Shadow Guardian e Real Racing 2)

    here we are with part 2 (click here to see part 1) of the Games Bug section, just below you will see Bugs found in games running on a iPhone 3G [S] 16 GB iOS 4.1:

    Today's nominees are:

    • Gangstar: Miami Vindication (US$ 6,99 / FREE | HD/for iPad – US$ 6,99)
    • Real Racing 2 (US$ 4,99)
    • Shadow Guardian* (US$ 5,99 / FREE | HD/for iPad – US$ 6,99)

    *= Only if iPhone 3G [S], iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G or iPad (“2.0 generation“)

    The "GTA" from GAMELOFT for is in its 4th edition, Gangstar: Crime City (1) Gangstar 2: Kings of LA (2) Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (3) and the one we're talking about (4), and how GTA is world-renowned, GAMELOFT did yours too, but just like GTA is one of the games that contains the most bugs in the history of games, it is not known if the GAMLOFT decided to imitate this or if it really is a programming error, but some are bizarre, check it out:

    Boat drivers park their boats and walk away normally, as if nothing had happened!

    “Enter the Criminal Underworld with Gangstar: Miami Vindication” (literally…)

    Vehicles that attach themselves to objects are quite common in Gangstar.
    "Hands up! It's an assault!" was it the wind that told her?
    Wow! Johnny's head can cross bridges!

    New model! 2 in 1 car!
    SHADOW GUARDIAN (Gameloft)
    A GAMELOFT also did not leave the iOS without one "Uncharted” and did, Shadow Guardian, the game has very well-elaborated graphics, so it requires an iOS Device of the “2.0 generation“, but even so, some flaws are present in the game:
    The “beautiful” textures of SHADOW GUARDIAN, If you have one iPhone 3G [S] No. iOS 4.1, surely you must have already come across these “wonders”
    REAL RACING 2 (Firemint)
    yes, after PC Tue NFS: SHIFTthe XBOX Tue Forcethe PS3 Tue Gran Turismo, nothing fairer than the iOS Tue REAL RACING 2! but still with some differences, ops, bugs:

    In the 1st version, only the Volvo C30R it was with a graphics error, but after the update, the Corvette and BMW suffered too.
    Hope you like it, if you find bugs, send them to us! I'll come back when I have more bugs, hehehe….
    by [ andre.ntx ]
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