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    Brawl Stars: Who Are the Best Brawlers (Updated)

    Check out a Tier List with the best Brawlers in the Brawl Stars game. Find out which are the strongest characters in the game.

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    best brawlers

    S Tier List

    The "S" Class Character List indicates the strongest Brawlers and nicknames in the game. They are those chars that will make the difference in any game, even if you don't know how to play well with them.

    1. Spike

    Spike is currently the strongest character in the game and easily mastered any mode. The legendary can fire a powerful shot that when it hits the target, it still splits in 5 directions. In other words, the chance of extra damage to enemies is very high. His Super Attack is also devastating.

    2. Pam

    It used to be the worst Brawler, but now it's become one of the best in the game. Pam is the best tanker in the game. With it, you will be able to dominate the place where the gems appear. She's not the best payer for getting kills, but with her Super Attack, you'll stay in the center of the map, regenerating your health and blasting enemies.

    3. Little

    Poco is considered one of the best "carries" in Brawl Stars. His attacks spread a lot and already make enemies uncomfortable with his proximity. His Super Attack can heal himself and his friends.

    A Tier List

    In category A characters, we have brawlers who are very good, and can be unlocked in the game after a short time. Some are very strong, but you have to know how to master them.

    1. Country

    This great fighter who uses poisonous attacks to finish off her enemies. Her Super Attack allows her to trap enemies in an area, allowing her friends to finish the job. This character's damage is too high.

    2. ​​Ricochet

    As the name implies, Ricochet's attack bounces off walls. Both his attack and his super attack are very annoying to deal with. But for him to have a better effect, you need to aim and make him hit several times.

    3. Penny

    Penny is very strong and excellent for being a very easy to use brawler. Shooting from her is a little slow, but the amount of damage is huge, even from afar. Her Super Attack is a cannon that is ideal for protecting certain areas.

    4. Nita

    Nita surpasses many other brawlers because of her Super Attack. She calls a bear that has a lot of health and is capable of delivering powerful attacks. A great distraction for opponents.


    With information from: Samurai Gamers

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