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    Brawl Stars: Supercell announces aerial shooter game

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    Supercell today announced the game Brawl Stars. The new title will be an aerial shooter game for Android and iOS, with cartoonish characters. The focus, as always, will be online multiplayer. The matches will be 3vs3 and each character will have unique abilities.

    Brawl Stars will feature 15 characters that can be evolved and have their skins changed. The game modes are:

    • Bouty: Collect stars for your team by blasting enemy characters
    • Smashing and Grab: In a mine, attack enemies and collect crystals. The team that holds 10 crystals the longest wins.
    • Heist: Players need to protect a territory and dominate it from enemies.
    • Showdown: 10 players on the same map. All against all.

    Brawl Stars will be a 100% real-time game. Characters don't have infinite ammo, you need to reload every now and then. For gamer, the player can use both hands or set the shot to automatic, and use only power-ups with a special button.

    Brawl Stars will be a free-to-play game just like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game will have character upgrades and it will be possible to unlock new powers. We can collect coins, elixir and chips, items that will most likely be spent to upgrade characters.

    It is obvious that Brawl Stars is the result of the recent development of Clash Royale. The company has hit a lot in the game's connection and matching system. Recently the producer launched the casual 2vs2 mode of Clash Royale and the matches start very fast. This indicates that Brawl Stars will count on this incredible technical support to facilitate the matches.

    The game does not yet have a release date. It has only been confirmed that it will be released in soft launch on iOS (iPhone and iPad) very soon.

    All these news were revealed in a special livestream that featured famous Youtubers from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Below, you can see the livestream in its entirety.
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