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    Bomb! EA removes Mass Effect, Real Racing, Dead Space and other iOS games

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    We live in strange times, although mobile games are currently at the center of the video game industry, many companies have decided to withdraw established titles. The producer of the moment is EA Mobile, which removed dozens of games from the App Store, including outstanding games. Check the list below:

    Bejeweled 2
    Burnout ™ CRASH!
    Dead Space
    Don't fall off
    Flight Control
    Flight Control Rocket
    Fly with me
    Lemonade Tycoon
    MMA by EA SPORTS ™
    Need for Speed ​​Shift
    Real Racing
    Sims Medieval by EA
    Skate It by EA
    Spore ™ Creatures
    Spore ™ Origins
    Spy Mouse

    Absolutely strange how the company decides to withdraw games like Dead Space, Mass Effect Infiltrator and amazingly, Flight Control, one of the first big hits of iOS. Apparently, the removal is due to the next update of Apple devices, iOS 9. It seems that many old games will have problems with this update, which indicates that more old games from other companies may disappear from iOS.

    It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that EA Mobile removes a series of games from the App Store. It seems that the bid is annual, because in September of last year the same thing happened.

    The problem is that unlike Google Play, for example, the games disappear even for those who have already paid for them. Thus, genius games like the first Real Racing, a milestone in car games for smartphones, go into limbo.

    I understand that it's asking too much for old games to be infinitely updated, but I consider it a serious failure to remove games with great visual appeal and incredible gameplay like Mass Effect Infiltrator. Especially in view of the launch of new devices, where the game would make perfect sense, such as the Apple TV 4.

    Here's our obituary and may these games survive forever on the internet (you got me).

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