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    BlueStacks X permite rodar games Android via streaming no PC

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    BlueStacks is one of the most famous brands for Android game lovers, especially when it comes to mobile game emulation from both the Play Store and APK, with BlueStacks 4 being one of, if not the most famous, mobile game emulator.

    What you probably didn't know is that the developers behind the emulator have already launched a completely free mobile cloud gaming service, allowing you to play various titles through your browser or even natively with the service's launcher. So today, you'll find out all about BlueStacks X, Android's cloud gaming service.

    What is BlueStacks X?

    BlueStacks X is one of the latest services from BlueStacks that is still in beta, but it aims to offer more than 200 games in the cloud, without the need to download files or programs and without having to wait for long loadings, depending on your internet connection.

    The service launched at the end of September and brings new games every week, even though it is in beta testing.

    BlueStacks X was created under the brand combined with Amazon's servers, AWS Graviton, used by several companies in different segments and industries. There are two ways to use BlueStacks X, either via a web browser or by installing the launcher on your PC.


    Where can I access BlueStacks X?

    As it is a hybrid cloud service, BlueStacks X can be accessed on any device, be it mobile, PC, TV or Tablet. In addition, it is compatible with any operating system, including: Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry.

    This ability to play anywhere and on any device is also much more advantageous thanks to cross-save, where players can start progressing in a game on a certain device, and continue later on a different device.


    Is BlueStack X free?

    Yes, unlike other services like GeForce NOW and xCloud, BlueStacks X is completely free. The service is financially supported through advertisements, but according to Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks, in an interview with the foreign site The Verge, advertisements will not interrupt players' gameplay, as we have seen in many cases on mobile devices.


    What games are in the BlueStacks X catalog?

    As we said earlier, the company aims to deliver more than 200 cloud games, but for now it only has 26 playable titles, as it is in beta. Check out the games available in the cloud (as of this writing):

    • Disney Sorcerer's Arena
    • RAID: Shadow Legends
    • The walking dead no man's land
    • Talisman Online Mobile
    • Shelter War: Survival Games
    • Merge World Above: The Dragon Game
    • Infinity kingdom
    • Shop Titans: Design & Commerce
    • Hero wars
    • Zero city
    • Rise of Kingdom: Lost Crusade
    • Unbelieve Dungeon
    • Idle heroes
    • Clash Castle: Battle of Guilds
    • Crush Them All
    • Dynasty Scrolls
    • Dawn of Zombies Survival
    • Dragon storm fantasy
    • War Robot PvP Multiplayer
    • Hustle Castle: RPG Jogos
    • EBONY: The Return of the King
    • Matchington Mansion
    • Magnum quest
    • Mega Heroes
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: On the Tides of War


    There are other games available on the BlueStacks X service, but they cannot currently be played in the cloud, but you can play these titles through BlueStacks 5, the newest version of the company's Android game emulator.

    We at Mobile Gamer have tested BlueStacks X with some games. In some of the titles we were successful in playing at least the beginning of the games, while in others we had problems with updating some games.

    You can access all information, play games and learn more about the BlueStacks X catalog here. You will need an email registration on both the service and services, which of course is at your own risk.

    Fonte: BlueStacks, The Verge

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