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    Bloodstained update on Android improves lag in Bluetooth controllers

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night received an update this morning (3) that improves the game's response on Bluetooth controls. The update also brought general improvements to the game and also new modes. See what has changed.

    Update makes the game more responsive in controls. (Photo: Reproduction)

    A new DLC has been added. IGA'S Back features a mode where you'll face none other than the game's creator, Koji Igarashi. Defeating him earns you the mighty Whip Sword and new crystal shards. The DLC is cheap, just R$4,99.

    New extra modes will be available when you finish the game. They are Boss Rush Mode, SpeedRun Mode and Sound Mode.

    Ritual of the Night has gained improvements in the game's overall performance. The game now runs at 60fps in “epic” mode, even on older devices like the Pocophone F1. However, it is still possible to notice many blurred textures, even when enabling the “epic” setting.

    But the really good news is the improved response for Bluetooth controls. When it was released, the game had a serious lag in the controls and it was not just the normal input lag of some controls.

    Minimum non-Android requirements:

    • Recommended configuration: Snapdragon 835, Kirin 820 or higher.
    • Minimum configuration: Snapdragon 665, Kirin 710 or higher.

    Non-iOS minimum requirements:

    • iOS 11 and iPhone 7 or higher.



    Developer: NetEase Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Size: 1.6 GB

    The only thing that didn't improve was the price. Bloodstained still has the “little price” of R$ 50,99.

    Official website and source:

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