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    Blizzard Is Concerned About Hearthstone's Long-Term Success

    Hearthstone (Android e iOS), Blizzard's card game, is a game that becomes successful on any platform. Even so, the producer is concerned about the game's longevity, and there are plenty of reasons for that.

    When Blizzard announces that more than 30 million people have tried Hearthstone, it doesn't mean, for example, that the game has 30 million monthly players. What happens most is people start playing and then give up.

    Addictive, Hearthstone currently has a serious flaw. The player can get “stuck” very easily. It is necessary to spend a good amount of money to acquire new cards.

    It is not the case that the game is “pay to win”, on the contrary, it may be that you spend a lot of money on packs and only win bad cards, as the card packs are completely random. For those who like mobile and tablet games and almost always prefer to play without paying, Hearthstone could become an unbearable game in a few weeks. And it's not a case of spending R$ 10 reais to make the game "launch", but a few hundred reais.

    To keep up with the way players/opponents are currently playing (the meta), it takes a lot of dedication. Otherwise, the player will be an easy victim of opponents, both in Casual and Ranked mode. The latter is an almost impossible mode for novice players.

    But Blizzard's biggest concerns, according to game director Eric Dodds, is that they can't create new cards forever (a misnomer, as Magic has been, and since the '90s).

    In my opinion, the biggest problem with the game is the lack of events to increase gold gain, the main resource to buy packages and adventures like “Naxxramas” and “Blackrock Mountain”. Hearthstone also has few modes and few game variations, making it very repetitive. Although it's quite fun.

    In the background, we have the question of luck. While fun, the game can be a little (or a lot) stressful. It's very common in Hearthstone, you have a good deck, play super well, and still lose badly. Unfortunately, this is a common feature of collectible card games, and it's something that most players won't be able to handle very well.

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